Cyber Puppy Pals

We have made lots of wonderful friends on the internet. Below you will see some who have kindly shared their pictures with us.

To the left are 2 of Susan's "Heartbeats." Toby is sitting in the chair, while Cricket is sitting so perfectly on the floor.
With the addition of Michael, Susan now has 3 "Heartbeats," as she calls her fur children. (Below) Michael is a Chinese Crested and a sweet gentle boy. The Yorkies, Toby and Cricket, are in the process of training him now . . . uh, oh!



Here's Rosie. You can also see her with her Mom and Dad in a group shot from a summer 1996 Yorky Party at our house. (Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the group shot.)


Below are Corky and Chipper. Corky, on the left, seems to be trying to understand Mom's instructions and wondering why this picture taking is such a long process when there are toys waiting to be played with!


Brittany and Lilly are California girls. See how they are enjoying that lovely sunshine! They are beautiful with their lovely red bows, don't you think?


The one and only Bohdi man. Below you can see him posing perfectly. But, that look in his eye says,"Take the silly picture so I can do something important like play with my toys or go for a walk, er . . . run."



Introducing Timmy and his new little brother, Nicky. Timmy is on the left and Nicky is on the right wearing that rascally expression.



Here is our friend Linda, in the middle, with Baxter on the left and Ollie on the right.



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