Yorkie Rescue

The Yorkshire Terrier club the Girls and I (Mom) belong to, WMYTC, has asked us to share the following information in case anyone might be interested in supporting this good cause.

(Watchung Mountain Yorkshire Terrier Club) WMYTC operates a Yorkie Rescue and Rehome Service. This important service seeks to:

  • Locate abandoned, abused, unwanted Yorkies
  • Provide needed medical and grooming attention
  • Search out loving, caring, permanent homes

    All WMYTC members and others are encouraged to be active in the work of the Service under the leadership of Claire Pollitzer, Executive Director, 19 Quenby Mountain Road, Great Meadows, NJ 07838

    Tel: (908) 637-6326.


    Terry Cuchiaro, Publicity Editor - 908 469-8025

    There is a new list up and running and the subject is RESCUE.

    The list was brought about by the need for a rescue list for the Toy Dog,

    and encompasses all of their needs from the actual rescue, to medical

    problems, spay/neuter, home visits, and future placements for the dogs.


    If anyone is interested in joining the address is as follows:



    Body of message should read as follows:

    SUBSCRIBE TOYDOG (Your real name) (Your City) (Your State).


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