Cyber Puppy & Human Pals (at the Specialty)

We have made lots of wonderful friends on the internet. Below you will see some who got caught in our camera lens at the '97 YTCA Specialty

Left to right you see . . Isabel, Cynthia, Sue Jeffrey, Pete, Dee (with Rusty), Will and Keith. Oh yes, and Cynthia is holding a picture of Jack and Zach.


Left to right, again . . . you see, Will (with Mugsy), Nancy's daughter, Nancy, Mike and Sue sharing pictures, I believe.



Clockwise starting at the bottom right we have, Will (with Mugsy), Mom (with us - Katie, Sam & Ellie), Dee (with Rusty), Sue (with Lucy - I think), Lisa, Gail (with ?), and Robert Owen (with his winning boy, I think).




For the picture to the right, clockwise from the bottom we have . . . Lucy (recently Best of Opposite Sex) the Affen, Maggie, Sue and Otto, the Killer-Guard-Dog Affen.



Below . . Dad, Will and Son, Mugsy. They're watching obedience. And, Mugsy is telling Will, "I can do that Dad. It's in the bag for next year!"







Here are Auntie Beth and Uncle Keith with us. Auntie Beth has Ellie and Uncle Keith has Katie and Sam. Can you guess which one is Katie? We'll give you a hint. Look for the tongue.



Here, up close and personal, is Auntie Isabel convincing Ellie that her house is lots more fun. There are a whole bunch of baby Boxers to play with!!!








He was only at the Specialty in spirit, not in person. However, our cyber plas will all be sure to finally SEE that evil grin from the Official Yorkie List Lurker, Bob Hayes. Bob says that the kilt is not an everyday outfit for him. This was a special show at which he was judging. Bob lives in New Zealand.


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